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The Benefits of Cupping

Cupping is becoming more and more popular amongst the general public who are seeking holistic methods to care for their myofascial pain and restrictions. What exactly is cupping? What are the benefits and what is are the current literature findings to support cupping? Read this blog to learn more about cupping and how it can benefit you!


Costal Breathing

lie or sit in a relaxed position with your knees bent up or resting over a pillow or bolster place your hands on your lower ribs resting elbows on the ground head in a neutral position, neck should feel "long", use a pillow if you would like for extra support inhale (through your nose if possible), sending the breath down to your lateral lower ribs where your palms are resting exhale feel the ribs soften together, option to very gently pressure inwards with the hands repeat for 3-5 minutes or as prescribed


AROM Wrist

Flexion: Palm faces in, fingers towards the floor Extension: Palm faces down, draw the wrist up towards the shoulder Ulnar Deviation: Draw hand out towards pinky side Radial Deviation: Draw hand in towards thumb side Supnation: Draw palm facing up towards the ceiling Pronation: Palm faces down, thumb down towards the ground


AAROM with Dowel: Shoulder External/Internal Rotation

use a broomstick, hockey stick or golf club, the arm moving up is the injured/affected arm keep neck relaxed and shoulders down away from ears elbows are bent and in close to your body push the affected arm/hand out away from the body find your comfortable “pain free” range of motion


Heel Slides

Starting position: Lying on your back with hands at your sides with both legs straight Slowly bend your knee while sliding your heel against the bed or floor Hold this position momentarily Straighten your knee sliding your heel against the bed or floor returning to the starting position Repeat for the recommended number of repetitions and sets. This exercise should be painfree and only bend or straighten the knee as far as you comfortably can


Deadbug with Arm Tubing

gently engage your core as if trying to squish a towel with your lower back into the mat using the circular tubing band around the wrists pressing out helps to further engage the core knees start up in the air at hip height as pictured in #2 tap your heels slowly alternating sides, without resting the feet down to make it easier try marching starting with your feet grounded lift alternating legs


Bridging with Tubing

can be performed with or without circular tubing band around the hands (this further helps to activate the core) heels are nice and close to bottom hip distance with knees and feet inhale lift the hips exhale to lower

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