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Zen Physiotherapy Services

At Zen Physiotherapy Winnipeg we are proud to offer a long list of wellness services such as:

General Physiotherapy, TMD/TMJ/Jaw Pain Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, One on One Yoga Therapy, Group Yoga Classes, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Custom Orthotic Casting, TeleHealth/Virtual Physiotherapy, Mobile Physiotherapy, Return to Work Rehabilitation and Reconditioning, Exercise Programming, Wellness Workshops and much more!


General Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can treat a wide range of orthopedic injuries and post-surgical interventions. Chronic diseases/conditions and illnesses are often treated with physiotherapy for management.


TMD/TMJ/Jaw Pain

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD), is the second most prevalent musculoskeletal condition causing pain and/or disability in North America. TMD can concern one or both temporomandibular joints, and/or the surrounding muscles.


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy can help women and men of all ages that may be suffering with various pelvic floor issues. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy can help with various dysfunctions that may result from pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, heavy lifting, being overweight, chronic constipation or menopause (among many other things).


Zen Acupuncture

Zen Physiotherapy Winnipeg sometimes uses acupuncture as a complement to other physiotherapy treatments for a wide range of orthopedic conditions.


Dry Needling

Zen Physiotherapy Winnipeg sometimes uses Dry Needling as a complement to other physiotherapy treatments for a wide range of orthopedic conditions.


Custom Orthotic Casting

Custom orthotic casts formed by our Zen Physiotherapists and made through Paris Orthotics. Custom Orthotics are individualized through our detailed assessment for your unique foot shape and needs.


Massage Therapy

Massage is an effective complement to other treatments or as a standalone treatment for various injuries or general maintenance. You typically do not need a referral for massage therapy, but we recommend checking with your insurance provider to see if they require a doctor’s referral for your coverage.


Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is an ancient tradition that is a relatively new method of healing to the western world. You can think of yoga therapy the same way you might think of other healing systems such as Chinese medicine. Yoga Therapy is a system that helps us identify various imbalances in a person, and then we offer techniques to bring those aspects into balance. 

Vestibular Therapy Winnipeg

Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular therapy is a specialized form of physiotherapy that focuses on the complex system of the inner ear and brain that contribute to balance, spatial orientation, and coordination of eye movements. Without balance in this complex system it can contribute to vertigo, coordination and balance issues. 

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