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How to Set and Reach your 2019 Goals

It’s great to set goals and motivations for yourself! Here is the thing, if you want something you can’t just hope it happens without outlining how you are going to get there with specific timelines. Goal setting will allow you to accomplish more, feeling more fulfilled and directed to achieve what you want out of life. Read this blog to learn more to help you reach your 2019 goals


Ergonomic Tips for the Office

We have all heard it before; sitting is the new smoking, posture and positions at our desk are important, but where do we start? Read this ergonomic blog for our Zen Physiotherapist’s recommendations and simple tips to improve your posture!


Cat Camel

start in table top hands under shoulder, knees under hips inhale arch your back, lift the chest gaze forward or up (pic #1) exhale, fold through cat looking down at your back legs or belly feel as though you are leading the motion with your chest/upper back not lower back or neck

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